2013 where did you go?

It's safe to say that this blog has been neglected. Quite like the 5 neopet accounts I use to have in 6th grade. A lot a lot a lot has gone down since I've been on here. I mean I feel like my facebook account has enough big life stories going on to entertain folks so I don't really think about my blog much. I also use to have instagram & twitter which made for great social networking but recently deleted those. For now I don't want to worry, I just want to live. 
Well here are some pretty swanky things that have happened in 2013 to the maybe 1 person who reads this blog:

  1. I got to ski for the first time! My shin splints are yelling "never again".
  2. Sadies Goes 80's. Well it was insaney-s.
  3. I have dark hair now. It's a lot more fun..
  4. I turned 17 & got to drive to St. George all by myself. So basically I'm a grandma now.
  5. Went on a church history tour (http://www.mormon.org) & my testimony grew x1000000000. I know the church is true and I will stand by it forever. It is an amazing thing.
  6. 6th & last year of girls camp. Sad face. But seriously, that mountain was home. 
  7. First season of lacrosse and I LOVE IT.
  8. Prom....Swanky. Also I la la loved my dress in all it's royal blue glory. 
  9. State 2013..... Leadership is awesome. That is all.
  10. My football team was beastin' this year and got the "horns" back for the first time in like 5 years. Swanky.
  11. Western Leaders Summit.......life changing. Also, Alaskans like to wear shorts in 60 degree weather.
  12. My sister Em went on a mission to South Carolina. Miss that sweet girl.
  13. Homecoming 2013 was a success at school! So many cool things happening this year that we've never done before! It's pretty awesome & we've had some great results!
  14. Last madrigals choir dinner. I am going to miss my renaissance dress. But hey at least I was queen and got served the cake first.
  15. I applied to BYU....Prayer roll at the bottom.
  16. I FINISHED ACUTANE! Yay! I'll do a separate post for that later:)
  17. Cate graduated from BYU! Holla.
  18. Last season of tennis. Sad face. I really like skorts. 
  19. Got to perform in the Smith Center a couple times, always an awesome experience. 
  20. I was elected & are Student Body President over my high school and I could not love it MORE. Yes it can be hard, scary, and tiring, but it is absolutely WORTH IT. I love it so so so much despite challenges and obstacles that come my way. It makes it so much more rewarding. Also, fun fact my high school is crazy big at about 3,000 kids so that's pretty cool too. :)
So much more, but I'll save your eyeballs & time. What a lovely 2013 and here's to an amazing 2014! GRADUATION YEAR! Wooop Wooooop! I am old guys. Okay maybe not to the world, but to me I am old. Alrighty best wishes & may 2014 be a wondrous year to all.

(thanks for the pictures Cate)

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Kate said...

Hahaha! You kill me girl. You are definitely not a grandma yet!!!